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Full Version: Would you ever?
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wye cut your face off

WYE rob someone who was blind?
no thats mean!
wye rob someone whos deaf?
Yes ... >_>;

WYE tell a terrible lie to one friend, if you knew it could help another friend?
Yes, IF the other friend won't discover it!

WYE kiss the opposite s3x! Haha {lol}
durrrrrrrr Big Grin

wye kiss the same s3x {wacko}
WHOOPS, I meant to say that. The same s3x. Haha, to kiss the opposite s3x isn't so interesting! {lol}

oh, lol. then no!!!

WYE kiss two people at the same time
If it's possible, I'll try it out! (You have to do everything in live you know! {lol})

WYE kiss with somebody who just trew up?

ewwww no!
wye kiss someone who hasnt brushed their teeth in 10 years?
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