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Full Version: Would you ever?
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noo! I don't want to have some bacteria!

WYE flirt with a boyfriend of your (best)friend?

maybe Wink

WYE burp when you were making out with a hot guy?
whahaha, certainly not!

WYE do something to fit in? Like steal something or whatever.


wye download stuff from limewire
Nope, It gives viruses.

WYE get in a car with a strange man? {blink} (I'm NOT! Especially because of the movie I'm watching now, Ted Bundy. He kills every girl he comes across with, many he ask to come with him into his car... and then he kills them, or he rapes them too... Very strange story/movie! {blink})


wye post a video of yourself singing on youtube?
nope, because I don't want anybody to become deaf, I really can't sing haha!

WYE call 991 for fun?


wye stalk someone on myspace?
Nope! (I don't even have myspace, but I wouldn't do that) Smile

WYE marry someone your parents didn't approve of?


WYE jump in front of a bullet for someone you love?
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