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Full Version: Would you ever?
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If I really love them? Yes, I think I would. Hopefully they'll appreciate life more then! Wink'

WYE read someone's journal without them knowing??

maybe mwah-ha-ha Big Grin

wye beat me in posts?
I'm almost there! JUST some more! {blink}

WYE send a anonymous Valentinecard to the ''love of your life''?


wye download sims 3 online?
No, I'll buy it! That way it is much better! Smile

WYE skydive?


wye jump off a plane?
yes! WITH a parachute ofcourse! I always wanted to do that.

WYE tell the police you did something bad, would you come forward?

idk prolly

WYE knock down someones garden knome
Haha, yeah I would! I 'dislike' those things!

WYE kill someone, because they did something to you?


wye knock down someones trash can? (as a sim)
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