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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Maybe, if they made me angry?
WYE become a terrorist? {lol}

lol no

wye start a fight with someone as a sim?
Not so fast, I'm pretty calm in those situations. When someone is mad at you, keep talking very calm. They don't like that. {lol}

WYE break someone's nose?


wye randomly fall in love like a sim?
Well, you can't stop the feeling can you?

WYE go and lie down and only listen to music?


wye poop on sims 111138383?


Umm.... No?!

WYE kiss Rod Humble?
Haha, YES! for making a great game!

WYE eat a sandwich with sand in it? With sand between the cheese or whatever on the sandwich is?




WYE sing on stage about Nintendo?
nope, I can't sing, so I don't wanna make you guys all deaf and sick!

WYE walk on the streets at midnight all alone?

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