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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE wear a sweater saying 'Kiss the Cheese' on it?
Hahaha, yeah why not!

WYE wear a tshirt saying: I'm with dumb -->

haha no

wye blow bubbles inside?
haha, yeah ofcourse! Duhh, I do it all day long! {clap}

WYE jump into the pool with your clothes?

maybe {lol}

wye run for president in america?
No, I'm not that smart to run a country!

WYE go into the sea when its 01:00 AM? With friends ofcourse or something. {lol}

oh no. i can only imagine how cold it'd be... well maybe, with clothes on and friends lol.
Haha, i think it would be funny though. Haha. Maybe I'll do it this holiday with friends of mine, and I'll say how it was! {woot} {lol}

wye poop on the sim in your signature? {lol}
hahaha no! (Sorry for the delay on your siggy... I'm kinda busy, and kinda out of inspiration for a new one, but I'll work on it as soon as I can!! {blush})

WYE put your hand in a shredder? {lol}

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