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Full Version: Would you ever?
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YEAH! I'll work for it as hard as I can!

WYE bash a window and tell everybody that your friend did it? {lol}

hahaha nuuuu thats mean

wye add me on myspace?

*Eternal Memory*

if i had one then sure, why not  Smile

wye: let your hair grow all the way to your feet.

wye :  paint your room black
maybe it already has some black in it...

wye paint two of your walls red?
yes - 2 of them are already red Smile

wye: throw a party for someone less popular than you
wow cool! anyways, why not? Smile

wye watch a movie (with english subs) in another language? right now i just finished watching a japanese movie. it was cute. ^_^
yes and i have  Wink

wye -  lie to your best friend to make them feel better
yes you have to do that sometimes...

wye buy a rocking chair?
true -

wye -  drink milk from the carton
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