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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Maybe  {blush} But really I wouldn't

WYE start a house on fire??
Heck no.

WYE set a forest on fire?

WYE switch religions for your lover??

WYE give a homeless guy 10 million dollars?
If I had any then no, but I would give him about 3,000

WYE cut your own foot off?? {clap} {clap} {clap}
Oh, dear...no. Wink

WYE do risky stunts if you weren't paid to do them?

WYE  smoke pot just to be cool?  8) 8)
No. Never.

WYE party all night just to be friends with Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/etc.?
Only if it was John Cena!! {blush}

WYE kiss Perez Hilton??  (Thats a guy by the way.)
Oh, goodness no. He's too funky. Wink

WYE allow Angelina Jolie to adopt you? Haha.
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