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Full Version: Would you ever?
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*Eternal Memory*


wye: eat glass
no {wacko}

wye superglue someones lips together so they cant talk? {lol}

*Eternal Memory*

hahaha no

wye: eat chocolate dipped carrots

wye join a dating site? LOL

*Eternal Memory*

no way  {no} Big Grin

wye: buy 100 lizards
maybe Tongue

wye try to be a secret agent on club penguin? ive been there long enough, so i took the test to be one last night AND I PASSED! im a secret agent on club penguin now {woot} were not allowed to reveal our idenity, but technically im not since im not saying my penguins name Wink

*Eternal Memory*

maybe  Wink

wye: eat a whole cake by your self
no D:

wye play sims in a window? (i am right now Smile )

*Eternal Memory*

nope  Smile but i'm about to play a little bit of the sims 2.

wye: have 10 babies (in the sims 2)
not even in sims  {ohmy}

wye buy your schools yearbook?
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