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Full Version: Would you ever?
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yes i did this yeaar ill do it next year Tongue

wye miss a meeting with someone w/o telling them you might?



WYE kick your teacher?
maybe Wink bahaha NO!

wye try to get expelled?

*Eternal Memory*

never  Tongue

wye: want a pet panda
maybe {woot}

wye only play this game all day long? {scared}

*Eternal Memory*

if i could i would  Big Grin

wye: eat a rotten egg
no, ha

wye: ask to become a superspy


lol i did so now i am! =D

wye: sing a song out of tune to annoy people?
Yep! {lol}

WYE stop eating for a week?

no oh my gosh D:

wye stop going on the computer forever?
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