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Full Version: Would you ever?
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never *shudder*

would you ever want to live alone?
maybe. idk.

wye want to have no siggy on simsforums?


eww no that a sign of n00bism XD

wye use 'n00bism' in a sentence?
lol maybe. n00bism in a sentence! Big Grin

wye try to be a gold sim by next week?
No, because I just KNOW I won't make that! {blink}

WYE hate The Sims 3?

(04-08-2008 06:03 PM)ค๓๒єг เร รยקєг๒ค๔ link Wrote:eww no that a sign of n00bism XD

wye use 'n00bism' in a sentence?

You calling me a n00b Amber? >Sad

Oh and BlondBimbo,NEVER!

WYE Run a marathon?
I can always try! {yes}

WYE cry because you had to laugh so hard?

yes,and just a few minutes ago,I watch spongebob on youtube and it was a normal episode until he slowed down this part where squidward said "Explode!" in slow,I nearly had a laugh attack!

WYE put a Pizza-slice-suit on? {lol}


*Eternal Memory*

never  {no}

wye: eat a shark for lunch  {rolleyes}
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