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Full Version: Would you ever?
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wye not play sims for more than a week

wye not play sims for a month?
Yep. I already did that I'm afraid. I wasn't into it anymore. But, now I started playing it again! Smile

WYE break your Sims 2?




.... =0

                                              ^    ^
would you eve look like this:  <(=^.^=<)
                                                -        -
ohh welll... Why not!  Big Grin

WYE look like this: <(o_o)>



if i was scared! {lol}
look like this:
  o    o
  |      |
[ @ o @ ]
  -[      ] -      { <---- robot}
  -    -
lol yeah... O.O

wye sing very loud in an attempt to break a glass?? {lol}
wye get up at 5:00am to watch a movie?


not unless it was the twilight movie

wye sing a song in public to stand out
no, I'm too shy.

wye dance in a dance off?
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