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Full Version: Would you ever?
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*Eternal Memory*

no, i'm not that outgoingĀ  Big Grin

wye: give blood


if i was eligible, sure. Tongue

wye: rip up family photos because you thought you looked bad in them?
lol maybe Wink {rolleyes}

wye start a youtube show?

wye make fun of someone on the internet?

wye be mean to a nerd who has a crush on you?

*Eternal Memory*

neverĀ  {yes}

wye: eat a worm

WYE eat an ant?


it depends if i get paid.

wye: date a nerd because you felt bad for them?
maybe. i am a nerd myself Wink

wye date me because you felt bad for me? ???
no, cus i'm taken.
but i would cus you're lovely Smile [im a girl though :| Lol]

I sound awful now :|

wye throw rocks at me? Smile
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