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Full Version: Would you ever?
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*Eternal Memory*

hmmm maybe  {rolleyes}

wye: try to eat fire
maaaybe Tongue

wye dye your eyes yellow? Tongue
hmm, sounds fun xD

WYE pierce something on your body yourself?

*Eternal Memory*

maybe when i'm older

WYE: slap your best friend for fun  {wacko}
no, doesnt end well
WYE kick someone where it hurts if they deserve it

*Eternal Memory*

yes  Big Grin

wye: adopt some kids
adoption just isn't for me :\

WYE eat a whole grapefruit?

*Eternal Memory*

no i don't like grapefruits

wye: want to live with 100 cat's
no.  2 is enough Smile

wye  -  shave your cat?

*Eternal Memory*

no, unless it wanted me too  Tongue

wye: eat raw meat
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