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Full Version: Would you ever?
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i just did  Big Grin

WYE  dance naked in school to save a babies life
sorry |:

WYE drink milk upside down?
if i it would aim right yea Smile

WYE kiss the boy/girl u like even if u did'nt know them ?

WYE sneeze some apple juice for money? {lol}
If I knew how to do that!

WYE jump off a cliff, if a stranger told you it was safe?
Uhm NO.

WYE tell Mike Tyson that he's feminine?
YES! Haha!

WYE Sell your baby?
WYE have this womans baby if you were given 1 million?
OMG, I've seen her!! She got plastic surgery so that she could look like her cat!

So, yes.

WYE Live in a house hanging on the edge of a cliff, and it didn't look stable?

WYE go hunt for Big Foot?
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