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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No she's a freak!!

WYE paint your whole body red?
Um...possibly? When would I have to, though? Haha...

WYE pay someone to help you become famous?

WYE let me win the 'I Win' game?
Hehe, nope. Smile Nobody can win that game. Wink

WYE lose on purpose?

WYE steal an Ipod?
Hehe, no. Wink

WYE give a stranger your credit card?
If I had one I wouldn't

WYE get in to a man's car
Not unless I REALLY knew them.

WYE give your best friend your credit card?
Depends on the friend.

WYE stay up 89 hours??

Would you ever dance on glass that hangs 100 stroies high?
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