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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE Get involved with dark magic?
I don't think so

WYE sign up for Fear Factor?
Possibly. I hate those eating rounds!!!

Wye Go to space?

WYE live underground without coming up to the surface for a month?
if I had everything I need underground then yes.

WYE walk on the ridgepole of your house roof if you would win $200
make it $2,000 and you've got yourself a dealĀ  Big Grin

WYE base jump off the Grand Canyon?
{lol} No.

WYE try to read a big book in one hour?
yes if it was twilight

WYE turn into a vampire for Edward Cullen,I would any day!!!!!
OF COURSE!!!! Big Grin I would love to be one, actually. I want to be fast and beautiful and strong. D:

WYE go to the midnight Twilight showing?
me too and yes because that is how much i love twilight

WYE cry if Edward Cullen died,i would
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