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Full Version: Would you ever?
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OMG. It would tear my heart out. D: This sounds really stupid, but I would probably cry more if Edward died, than if Robert Pattinson died. Tongue

WYE cry if Bella Swan died?
yes a little bit and then i would go get edward!!!and keep him for me and you!!!!

WYE cry if Jacob Black died,i would probably
Hmmm... I might cry. I don't really care for Jacob, but he's some sort of a hero in New Moon, I guess.

WYE cry if Stephenie Meyer died?
yea me too and he is because he saved bella from dying in the water and when edward left which was also sad and i would go crazy cause that means no more Twilight ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ??? ??? ??? {no} {no} {no} {no}

WYE go out with jasper
When Edward left I cried a lot {blush}
Anyway, eh... probably not. From what I've read so far, he's the one that has trouble controlling himself around humans.

WYE go out with Emmett? {lol}
yea i know me too cause i thought he would never come back but the he did and thats true and maybe if rosalie doesnt attack me and have you read breaking dawn yet?

WYE go out with edwar sorry if i already asked that im running out of questions and i cant remebered what i already asked
I'm still trying to finish New Moon {blush}
And yes, I would go out with him definitley...! Wink

WYE go cliff diving for Jacob? Tongue
oh ok its ok it took me awhile to read it and me too and yes if he saves me from drowning if i drown

WYE still a car for alice
I have really been rushing reading New Moon... just about four nights ago I barely finished Twilight. {lol}

Anyway, I'm not sure. I probably wouldn't, to be honest.

WYE jump off a bridge for Edward?
oh ok and i wouldn't either and yes i would if hurt

WYE leave edward for your own protection
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