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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Not forever.

WYE roll in glitter?
me either and yes if it was a pretty color but then i would take a shower after it

WYE go mudding
What's mudding? {blush}

WYE kill Hannah Montana? LOL.
mudding is where you go riding in mudding on a four wheeler really fast through the woods and got really mudding and probably i used to like her but not that much

WYE go to antartica(sp?)
You got the spelling right Smile

Anyway, NOO, I would never go there. {lol}
WYE go to China without knowing Chinese?
By the way, I think I'm going to log off now. Seeya soon. Smile Again, thanks for helping me with my posts! Big Grin
cool and me either and no because i wouldnt know what people were saying and i think im going to log off too and your welcome and see you later
WYE just eat bread for the rest of your life?
Nah. Big Grin

WYE go without reading for the rest of your life?
NO cause i need my twilight and other books too

WYE go without Edward Cullen FOREVER?????????????????!!

WYE go to space if you could?
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