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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Can't see why..

WYE kill your greatest enemy if you were offered a million dollars and without any risk of getting caught?
just to sell it and hmm no i would just send my enemy away from me

wye eat 30 live spiders to get 30 million dollars for it
WYE watch all the Lord of the Rings?

wye watch all the hp movies
N-O! Tongue

If you were offered a trillion dollars for it, WYE allow somebody to inject you with a dose of AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome, FYI XD)?

wye move in with a hobo for a billion trillion dollars
Yes. Then, I'd take the money and move out.

WYE kiss some ugly randommer for ten dollars?

wye eat a bird
Yes, 'cos chickens are birds. 8)

WYE eat somebody?

wye stay in a freezer for 20 minutes to get 5,000 dollars
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