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Full Version: Would you ever?
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wye throw a pen at someone?
I did once. Smile or a few times Tongue
WYE stop playing the TS2 when Sims 3 comes out?
Yep. That's exacty what I'm going to do.

WYE pull my tooth out?
Ughh no.
WYE give up Edward for Joe Jonas?
Sorry Joe, but my love for Twilight is far beyond how much I loved you! ;D

WWYD if Joe Jonas killed Emmett {rolleyes}
I'd move on to Rob. Like I said I got backups. So I'm good.
Your so mean ._.
WWYD if Joe killed Edward?

Wait I realized we're playing the wrong game...
L.O.LLLLLL! Sorry I ruined the game, for a few posts XD

Anyway, start over?

WYE kill Rosalie? (I would in a heartbeat, damn, I hate her -.-)
No prob. You never answered the question.
Hell yes! She wants Renesme and doesn't care for Bella.
WYE become a vampire?
Of course I would!!
Oh, so you want me to answer the Joe-killing-Edward question? ;]
I wouldn't buy teen magazines anymore. The Jonas Brothers are all over them. >_>

WYE hurt a fly?
Depends what the fly did to me.
WYE jump on someone elses bed?
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