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Full Version: Would you ever?
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(09-12-2008 05:36 AM)Chandward! link Wrote:Of course I would!!
Oh, so you want me to answer the Joe-killing-Edward question? ;]
I wouldn't buy teen magazines anymore. The Jonas Brothers are all over them. >_>

WYE hurt a fly?
lol If Edward was on them,or better yet Emmett, I'd buy them! There was this magazine that did a special on Twilight. Was 10 bucks, no way was I going to buy it. >.>

I haven, on my brother's when we were toddlers.  {rolleyes}
WYE skip school just to miss a exam?
Mine are too important atm.

WYE throw something expensive out of a window in a blind rage?
WYE backstab anyone?
Have done, but no.

WYE lick a toad? [AHA, Remembering Family Guy]
If it was a dare/bet maybe.
WYE skateboard naked [The Simpsons are betterrr Smile]
Hmm, I doubt it.

WYE dive into an ice hole?
WYE eat live worms?

WYE live in a forest?
Ughh no.
WYE move to another country?
mm...depends what country, and why i'm moving Wink

WYE go 10 days without a shower?
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