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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No! Do you want me to die?! Lol, I know you wouldn't.... right?

WYE bully someone?
I would. if the glass was at least 5 centimetres thick.

WYE stand on glass that hangs 100 stories high?
Nope, nope, no glass.

WYE freak out just before you get on a roller coaster?
yes. but only the one at disneyland!

WYE go into a pitch-black cave with a fire-breathing dragon in it?
If it was real, no way ho say! If it were fake, totally!

WYE kiss a boy?

Wye kiss agirl?
Depends what type of kiss.

WYE wag (skip) school?

i'll miss about a week when TS3 comes out!

WYE Watch a hobo clean their fingernails? *lol, memories!*
Hehe, I will too! Though it's possible it could fall in theEaster holidays... Smile

I already watch hobos that clean their fingernails, I'm watching it on TV now. Switch over to Hobos R Us now!

WYE switch over to the channel 'Hobos R Us'?
Yes, if it existed!

WYE become a hobo just to clean your fingernails?
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