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Full Version: Would you ever?
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wyr own 14 birds at once
no XD

WYE destroy your house?
If I was allowed to,sure XD
WYE smash houses with Edward Tongue
Maybe xD

Would you ever go shopping today?
It's night,so no. Nothing to do.
WYE choose Jasper or Emmett over Edward?
Nope.  Only because they're all ugly ;p

WYE eat Figgy Pudding?
I guess lol

WYE send 100 holiday cards?


No, that would cost as much as Sims 3. I'd rather save the money for the game.  {lol}

WYE steal stuff for christmas presents if you didn't have any money at all?
Nope >.> I'd be like 'I'm borke O:'
WYE appear at your work/school in your pjs?
I might have to this June XD last day in my school

WYE eat raw meat?
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