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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE eat raw turkey for $10 or €10 (or whatever your currency is?)

WYE catch a fish with your teeth for 20 of your currency?


Yes, if it's a small fish.  {unsure}

WYR drink a glass of aquarium water for 5 of your currency?
Nope {lol}.

WYE jump out of a speeding car into a cat infested- area for 40 of your currency?
Eh.. nah.

WYE eat nothing but cheese all day?


Your nickname and your question.  {lol}

Maybe. I'm eating crunchy cheez doodles atm.  Tongue

WYE live on snacks for a whole day for 10 of your currency?
WYE start a food fight?


Maybe.  Big Grin

WYE shave your head for 1000 of your currency?
Pshh nope xD
WYE grow your hair out long like Rapunzel's?
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