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Full Version: Would you ever?
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If I hated them =D

WYE give salsa to a pet?
sure if i had one

wye get into an alien car?


No!  {blink}

WYE eat cat meat for $10 of your currency?
no, gross!

WYE spit off a bridge?


Maybe. It depends on what's beneath.

WYE buy a stuffed real animal?

WYE die your hair purple?


Maybe. I like purple.  Smile

WYE go to school or work wearing a pink tutu?
Yes if I went to a school with my friends.
WYE eat only carrots for a week?
I'd try to do it.

WYE live outside for a week?
yea if i get to live in a tent outside

Wye live on your roof for 2 weeks?
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