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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No, it'd get slippery

WYE never go on the computer for 2 weeks?
yep cause i think that is why my head is hurting and too it gets boring

WYE never play sims 2 or 3(if your getting it after it comes out) for a month?
maybe, but I would have to be extremely bored with it.  That might happen after having TS3 maybe a year I might take a short break from it lol.

WYE kill a sim for fun?
yup i done it before and too i was mad at my sister so i killed her sim {lol}

WYE dance to the electric slide in a dance contest?
maybe  Big Grin

WYE go to bed in everyday clothes?
i have and it was actually kinda comfy

WYE go swimming in everyday clothes?

WYE train to be a lifeguard?

WYE become a machanic(sp?)
no, I'm more of an artsy, writing type person, no math or science  Big Grin

WYE design your own game?

WYE move to paris
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