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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE jump into freezing cold water?
sure so it will cool me off

WYE jump into really hot water?
only if it were no hotter than a hot tub

WYE eat a snail?

WYE eat a raccon for a dare?
No, I wouldn't lol

WYE stick your foot in the toilet for a dare?
ya, feet go even worse places so it wouldn't be terrible.

WYE pick up a roach with your bare hands as a dare.
no they creep me out for some reason.

WYE pick up a poisoness snake for a dare?

WYE jump in front of a car to save the person you most love in this world?

WYE stab your bestfriend to stay alive?
I don't think I physically could, it would be awful, I might rather die than have that hanging over my head.

WYE take karate lessons?
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