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Full Version: Interview with 8 Carat Adam
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It is! I'm doing it right now. Wink
LOL, Ok then, Whatever you say (:
I am! I'm supposed to be working. Wink
Well then you are just being naughty (:
Well, duh. Wink That's who I am...
Oh, you are a bad girl, do you need your employer to pull you up about it? (:
My employer's just as bad! She plays Solitare and Zuma all day. Wink
LOL! My old computing teacher used to do that.

It's like "today class we are going to be learni --- oooh solitaire *plays*"
Haha, I hate Solitaire, now. I play Spider Solitaire. Wink
I don't like any card games at all. Not after 52 pick up, I almost cried.
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