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Full Version: Interview with 8 Carat Adam
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What's Zuma?
Yeah, I was wondering that too, but I just forgot about it and went along with Solitaire.
I know this is late:

You go back ... 19th of August!

*Does a dance*
Hehe, niiice. Smile

Zuma is...a game. Look it up. Wink
Too lazy to look it up Wink
Wow...good job. Wink
Woop, Well since Interview One is over, and Interview Two is due tomorrow, this is now un-stickied and locked Wink
Interview 2 will be finished ASAP. Wink
We're finally working on the interview! After scheduling problems on MSN and PM/e-mail issues (which we still haven't figured out), we're already well into the second interview. Expect it sometime this week. Wink
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