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Full Version: Interview with 8 Carat Adam
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I know the answer to this. Smile
Tell us! please!
I don't think taht's my business, you'll have to get on your knees and beg to Bambi. Tongue
Why am i even bothered by this anyway?

*gets down on knees and kisses bambi's feet* PLEAAAAAAAAASE TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You were the lucky firsty, too. Smile
I know! i feel proud!
Well, I know the lucky secondy, and I wont be the thrid (don't ask how I know that) but I could be any even number after that. Smile
Ho wthe hell do you know this stuff? are you like a secret moderator or summink?
No, no. But I have my sources. Smile
You silly ducks. Wink
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