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Full Version: Interview with 8 Carat Adam
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Lol, well we do randomize our choosings, so you never know (:
Ah, poopie.
LOL, Well I can't wait to see this interview that Bambi conducts!
Hehe, neither can I. Smile I wish the member would respond, soon. Wink
Hehe, well we have plenty of time, you don't have to post it until Thursday because that is when I posted this one (:
Oh, okay. Smile That works, then.

I just hope they don't respond tonight as I won't be on for more than 30 minutes now. Sad
LOL! I am going in like 1 min, not that it makes a difference Tongue
Hehe, well, I must say, you're a posting machine tonight. Wink
I think i've gotten my mojo back Tongue Hopefully it will stay for a while this time!
I do hope so. I love it when you post like...well, me and Cassie. (And Paul. Wink)
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