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Full Version: Interview with 8 Carat Adam
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The first interview has been done (: Woop...Ok...well...Enjoy I guess (:

Munsta: What would you like to see on this site/forum?
8 Carat Adam: I think that the forum is absolutely fine right now. However, when The Sims 3 gets closer to the release date, i would like a news board, to do with the latest news and stuff like that.
and maybe if there were more rankings, and nicer icons for the rankings. It's just that right now we ALREADY have cassie with about 7000 posts i think, and This site is still very young. when ts3 comes out, people could get up to about 100,000 posts on average!
i also think that we may need a few more moderators when the site expands into a fully-fledged fansite.

M: Would you suggest any new boards to be added?
8: maybe a sims life stories board or a sims for console board. right now we have a wide range of boards, and I don't think we need many more Smile (ps, LOVE the forums games board!)

M: What is your favourite part of this forum?
8: Probably the off topic and forum games boards. they're a fun way to pass the time. But as soon as we get more news about TS3, I  think that i'll be more attracted to The Sims 3 sections.

M: What do you think of the new karma feature, where you have to leave a comment instead of just clicking "Hooray" and that's all?
8: It's alright, but it used to be a lot easier. i don't think karma should be THAT rare. but i do think that the hooray game might have been a bit too much.

M: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this forum?
8: 10/10! the people here are VERY friendly, its not ENTIRELY about the sims (cause of the OT boards). we have GREAT moderators that join in on the fun, and do a great job at keeping the forum "clean and tidy!" most forums aren't that involved with the community. keep up the good work!

M: Are you looking forward to The Sims 3?
8: Yes very. its looks like fantastic compared to TS2, and I bet i will spend almost ALL of my time on it! (and I already spend too much time on ts2!)

M: What do you want to see in TS3 that hasn't been in TS1 or TS2?
8: A SUPERHEROES EXPANSION PACK, Pets in the basegame, more intricate Stuff packs, birdsims, EA to be more involved with the community, An aviary, Birds that fly around. much more wildlife, moving waterfalls and rivers, MUCH more foliage, detailed schooling, EVERY pet to be designable (like birds, womrats, iguana's, etc.), more technology options. ( I dont want EVERY sim to have the same 3 computers, tv's, mobile phones and mp3 players!!?!), the ability to create almost everything that you could in real-life, diferrent types of water, an EP to be about TS1 and TS2, including the best things about them. for every Ep to not be ones we've already bought (except the one i just mentioned), injuries, and diamond themed objects. Smile

M: What do you want to see in TS3 that has been in TS1  or TS2?
8: the walk-in aquarium from superstar, werewolves, aspirations, cars, the instruments, the cowplant, famous sims, The skydiving simulator from superstar, basically every object from superstar (Lol), Holidays (but in the basegame!) BIRDS.

M: What is your favourite Sims game of all time?
8: Hmmmm, this is hard. Probably BV or Seasons.


Thanks to 8 Carat Adam for doing this interview (: Comments accepted!
I agree with most of the stuff Adam said. Smile Also, thanks for mentioning me Adam! Big Grin

PS: For some reason I was under the impression these interviews were confidential... {blink}
Nope, not at all, they are to post on the forum, I thought I mentionted that...Oh dear...
Nope. {no} But I don't think I mind, I was just letting you know.
Wonderful job, you two. Great way to kick it off. Wink
Whoops, Didn't see this thread!
totally new information for me! lol.

Why would I not mention Cassie? Smile

and Bambi, You TWO meaning....?
I was wondering that. I think she means, well done to you and Mike. Smile
Well, YAY then! thanks, Bambi!

I can't believe that i'm actually the FIRST!
This site better become the biggest TS3 fansite, like it says!
then, people will ACTUALLY have something to remember me by!
Yes, that is what I meant. Wink
Cool! I can't wait for MY interview Big Grin
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