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Full Version: sims 3 high school expansion pack.
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wouldn't it be so cool to have a sims 3 high school expansion pack. Like creating cliques like jocks cheerleaders nerds and stuff. Also playing pranks on the teachers or on other students and stuff. And loads of clubs and stuff. and even cars for tens and super sweet sixteen parties.
Errr is it just me or does this sound just like University just for teens? But I have always thought it would be cool to have boarding schools although I don't know how they would work. I guess the child could just go off to boarding school and you wouldn't be able to play them until they come home for the weekend, half-term or the summer hols depending on which boarding thing they were on. You know how you can board weekly, termly or annually? It would be really cool if you could actually go to the school but I doubt this will be possible. It could also be like a dream (as they have dreams now not aspirations as I understand it) for a child to go to boarding school, prehaps if they don't have a good relationship with their parents or siblings. I know I've always wanted to go to boarding school! But what do people think?
i guess you're right. i think that wil be a better expansion pack. Maybe on weekends the child can go home and spend time with the families and hopefully have school breaks in the game. i think that will work better. it canm be like zoey101
Yeah GroovyPancakes, But I think University is suppose to be like as college...
High School is different from college...eventually...
High School could be like, with popular people, cliques (I haven't played University so I don't know what is included, I expect Uni to be more mature so I think it doesn't have Populars or Cliques)
And when in cliques you need to have certain things to be eligible to be in a clique. If you can't get into one, obviously you'll be considered a loser or a geek....
I think it would be really cool to have a highschool EP, or just elements of what you're saying including in with another EP. I definitely wouldn't want to play sims while they're in school, but afterschool life needs to be juiced up.

Also, teens need to act more like teens! I know the behavioral stuff has been mentioned a thousand times already (fights with parents, groundings etc), but I'm talking about actual physical gestures.

Teens need to be able to multitask- talk on the phone and walk around, do homework and watch tv.

I also want teens rooms to be actually fun. Girls should have be able to chill on each others beds together (or on the floor, or wherever) and chat. There should be an interaction for "Heart to Heart" where really close friends tell each other secrets/feelings. Later, if there was a falling out, a friend could stab your sim in the back (if they had a trait that would lend itself to behaving meanly).

I have a thousand more ideas, but I feel this post is getting crazy.
yeh that will be so much cooler. And have them like argue with their little sibling and come home late from parties and what not. They should also have like spots and stuff. and also the boys should like have friends over and record music and stuff. it's a real popular thing in london now and i think it will make thinks more realistic. There should also be parks with swing slides and climbing frames where the teens can hang with their cliques or boy/girlfriends.


groovypancakes is right  but i do think there should be more school options
i personally think a highschool/college ep sounds better than university alone.
I agree with Chalyssa...
(22-05-2008 03:27 AM)ChalyssaMuch link Wrote:i personally think a highschool/college ep sounds better than university alone.

Ditto. I agree.
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