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Full Version: The Google Game!
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ARGH why can't I paste!?!?!?!?!  {cursing}
[Image: lucius-malfoy.jpg]

IWYTF bugs bunny
[Image: bugs-bunny.jpg]

I want you to find the Bonus Jonas!
[Image: 541uf5k.jpg]

^^ That it?

IWYTF Peter Griffin
[Image: Peter%20Griffin%20for%20President.jpg]

IWYTF Frankie Muniz.
(30-05-2008 04:31 PM)(: Unbreakable :) link Wrote:[Image: 541uf5k.jpg]

^^ That it?

IWYTF Peter Griffin
Nope. I was talking about the Bonus Jonas brother {lol}.

Anyways here is Frankie Muniz.

[Image: frankie-muniz-16th-annual-nickelodeon-ki...0ahVpA.jpg]

IWYTF Obama.
[Image: Obama-Surf.jpg]

... Ewww?

IWYTF Vladimir Putin. [aka the hottest president ever ^^]

- // ::ƒяεaκzỉỉℓℓa::\\ -
(29-05-2008 07:20 AM){> TheAdamDiamond <} link Wrote:and Cassie, were youy  talking about that chucky mask, the last one on the page.... cause.... its creepy!

It was a mask! I don't no if it was chucky-related but it was deinitely disturbing in a somewhat amusing way. Smile

(30-05-2008 12:07 AM)~*Useful Idiot*~ link Wrote:How do you paste pics on the actual textbox?

I just right-click, properties, and copy and paste the URL between the image codes, which you can find above the reply box somewhere.

[Image: parecidos-razonables-vladimir-putin.jpg]

I just HAD to include the one featuring the Dobster, sorry!

IWYTF a picture (any kind at all) from the upcoming Twilight movie.
ROFL. Well he does look like Dobby. ^^

[Image: twmp3.jpg]

IWYTF Spongebob.

- // ::ƒяεaκzỉỉℓℓa::\\ -

[Image: spongebob_1.jpg]

IWYTF a butterfly.
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