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Full Version: The Google Game!
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Okay, basically, someone says:

"I want you to find (or IWYTF, whatever flows better for you guys) a cloud."

The next poster goes onto Google images and searches for a picture of a cloud. Then they post it and suggest another picture for the next poster to find and post.


[Image: cloud%5B1%5D.jpg]

IWYTF a kitten.


[Image: Kitten-Duck.jpg]

IWYTF Twilight (the book cover).

And etc etc.

Oh, and keep the requests clean and don't make your request too complicated. If you're wondering if it might be impossible to find, search for it yourself first to make sure it's there.

Okay, I'll go firsties.

IWYTF a toothbrush.
[Image: 359igkw.jpg]

IWYTF a cupcake.

- // ::ƒяεaκzỉỉℓℓa::\\ -
[Image: cupcake_timer.jpg]

IWYTF a mask
[Image: mask_mex.jaguar.lg.jpg]

I was so close to picking another but I thought it might scare younger kids... type 'mask' in Google images and you'll see which I mean...

IWYTF a pizza.
[Image: yoda-pizza.jpg]

IWYTF snow
[Image: Snow-Seal-Print-C10054502.jpeg]

IWYTF a husky.

- // ::ƒяεaκzỉỉℓℓa::\\ -
(28-05-2008 04:38 PM)tv_freak link Wrote:[Image: yoda-pizza.jpg]

IWYTF snow

Oh my gosh that's freaking amazing! {tongue}

[Image: husky.jpg]

IWYTF Michael Jackson. Wink
[Image: michael-jackson-mugshot1.jpg]

a lovely specimen......

and Cassie, were youy  talking about that chucky mask, the last one on the page.... cause.... its creepy!

IWYTF A werewolf.  {clap}
[Image: Blacksmith.jpg]

IWYTF a lolcat.

- // ::ƒяεaκzỉỉℓℓa::\\ -
[Image: schrodinger_s-lolcat.jpg]

IWYTF a schnauzer.
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