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Full Version: Unleashed
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(21-03-2008 06:21 PM)redsoxrock517 link Wrote:Yeah. In unleashed if you forgot to feed your pets they just died but in the sims2 if you forgot to feed them they could eat flowers or soemthing until you get the chance to feed them. I think that has kept alot of my pets alive. Lol. ;D ;D

Really? I never knew dogs could eat the flowers in TS2! LOL!
i like ts2 one better since you can customize them and make them have jobs and cross breed
In unleashed they had pet competitions but in pets they don't.
That was one of my favorite EPs, next to Vacation.

yeah, sims 2 pets are a bit more boring. in the sims 1 they had a lot more effect on the game.
I did like Unleashed, but I like Pets better. They don't stay puppies/kittens forever. And you can house break them a lot more easily too.
Pets in the Sims 2 ruined Unleasted for the simple reason that they tried to make it better by removing almost everything...
I adored unleashed; that's why I'm such a huge fan of Pets for TS2 Smile
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