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Full Version: What would you do?
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wonder what i did then and kill myself

wwyd if you had drepression
be depressed all the time...?

wwyd if snape asked you out


Smack him.

WWYD if Joe Jonas died.


feel bad for chanel

wwyd if there was only enough air for 7 people on earth



WWYD if Snape died?


kill myself

wwyd if someone was trying to kill you
try to get away

wwyd if i got 4,700 posts? cuz this is my 4,700th post Wink

What would you do if you won 120 Millian Dollars
faint then go buy stuff. Big Grin

wwyd if the world was going to end in a month?
That's a hard one ...

But I know I'd definately quit my job, and go visit my parents and friends to see them before we all explode.
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