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Full Version: What would you do?
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Be a werewolf?

WWYD if you started talking to rocks?
Be weird Tongue

WWYD if you saw Taylor Lautner in person?
go crazy

WWYD if you saw robert pattinson in person and he kissed you on the cheek
Try not to faint!

WWYD if Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson were fighting over you?
me too and i would enjoy it because one its two hot guys fighting over you and two i would do anything for them to fight over me

WWYD if Robert Pattinson asked you to marry him,i would say yes in a heartbet!!!!!1
I would say yes! {lol}

WWYD if you were going to be playing Bella?
I would be happy to cause hey you get to fall in love with a hot vampire

WWYD if there was no twilight
I would be a lot different right now if Twilight didn't exist.

WWYD if you were cast as Edward Cullen for New Moon? {lol}
me too and im would be happy but feel weird playing a guy cause im a girl so that would be really awkward

WWYD if robert pattinson didnt exist but taylor laurent did?
I wouldn't be crushing on anyone at the moment. Tongue I admit to having a teensy little crush on Robert Pattinson, but I still like Bella and Edward together. Big Grin

WWYD if it was really Jacob that was meant for Bella?
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