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Full Version: What would you do?
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I have no idea!

WWYD If Chris Brown (or anyone else hot) rocked up at your house asking to use your phone?
Ask him to stay for dinner.. and uhmm... ask him to stay forever!

WWYD if you found Johnny Depp in your shower?

LOL Um, be like "Look, You're really good looking and all, but what the HELL are you doing in my shower!?"

WWYD If your mum started dressing like she was 20 again ! *Shudders*
Oh god.... Well, since my mother isn't even living in the same country.. I wouldn't care {lol}

WWYD if your dad got a mohawk?
Lol. I would shave it off while he slept haha.
WWYD If someone wrote a song about you
Blush {blush} and tell him/her to unwrite it! >:-(

WWYD if you found out that your dad is actually the head of a mafia gang?
HAHAH Laugh so hard and not believe it!

WWYD If youuu found out you were adopted?
I'd probably yell "how could you not tell me?!? why?!? why?!?? ooooh why?!?"
And look for my real parents.

WWYD if you were offered a role in a movie directed by Paris Hilton? {lol}
Take it, just for laughs Smile

WWYD If you were approached in the street by a model scout?
I'd take the offer Tongue

WWYD if you found out that you're actually a boy that had a gender-switch when you were a baby? {lol}
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