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Full Version: What would you do?
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Oh my god
I don't know!
Laugh probably hahaha

WWYD if you found out you were actually DEAD living in heaven?
Uhmm... spy on my friends and family.

WWYD if you stepped out of your house and you're the only human alive?
Break down and cry Sad

WWYD if you killed your friend totally by accident?
Feel horrible {scared}

WWYD if J.K. Rowling wanted to be your best friend? Tongue
Haha let her, and then make her buy me stuff Smile

WWYD if you woke up from a coma, and couldn't remember anything?
Go to Burger King.

WWYD If You found out that you were pregnant? (for boys)
WWYD If you found out that you had a brain tumor? (for girls)
Uhmmm I'm not sure actually. Find out how long I had to live pretty much.

WWYD if you lost the ability to understand sarcasm!
try to get it back i guess

WWYD if the canceled sims 3 and wont make it ever
Uhhmmm go on some kind of a strike to get it back...

WWYD if your brother or sister accidently broke your sims 3 dvd/cd case?
i will say its ok and that i broke her phone {clap}

WWYD if you were frozen
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