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Full Version: What would you do?
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Well, I'd be stupid yet logical, and try to pee to melt myself;
Desperate times call for desperate measures ;D

WWYD if you couldn't stop sneezing?
lol i would be kinda happy but then worried

WWYD if youlost your voice forever
Learn sign-language

WWYD if there was no daylight?
Die! Literally, we can't live without the sun. Hahah.

WWYD If your computer completely WIPED right now!?
Go crazy!

WWYD if you won 1,000,000 dollars?
And then donate to charity

WWYD If you lost all your money?
Ask my mum for more!

WWYD if you couldn't remember how to sit down?
Stand up

WWYD if you grew an extra eye.
Lol at myself probably haha.

WWYD If you had to go fight in a war?
Run away, Fake my death, and make a miraculous comeback after everybody counts the bodies and gives memorilals. THen i'd take the armt people to court for trying to make a minor fight in a war.

WWYD If You were the only person left on earth?
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