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Full Version: What would you do?
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Freeze time, put someone's finger in their nose, run around screaming, then unfreeze time.

WWYD if you could read minds?
i will mess with their mind and then say what they are thinking

wwyd if it snowed forever
Get the out of the country {yes}

WWYD if you found out that your mom was an alien?
hmm lets see i will scream and then i would hide in my room but i will stilllove her though

WWYD if your dad or mom was a horse
I'd sell them XD
WWYD if you got Edward's Volvo?
ohh i keep it for a day and then give it back to him if he wanted it back

wwyd if you couldnt go the computer ever again
Buy a Blackberry. XD

WWYD if you had 1 day to live?
be sad but spend it with the people i love

wwyd if your parents got in a car accident
Be sad and angry.

WWYD if you met a guy just like Edward Cullen?
hang out with him

wwyd if you met chris jericho
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