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Full Version: What would you do?
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I'd scream! He's is hott! He's brother's pretty cute too Smile

WWYD if you had only 1 hour to live?
yea he is and so is john cena and wonder why then do anything i wanted to do

wwyd if matt hardy died from a heartattack like eddie gurrero(sp?)
I'd be sad,but not mourn like crazy.
That's how Eddie died? They said he died from a drug overdose. ._.
I remember how Chris Jericho took his own life,and his wife,and their kid.
WWYD if there was no WWE?
i think he died from both and really and i would go crazy cause my whole life is wwe and then never watch tv again

wwyd if matt hardy quit wwe?
Be like 'Finally!' no I don't know.
WWYD if I told you John Cena did voices for little kiddy shows?
umm i dont know be suprised

wwyd if i said emmett cullen likes boys
Cause it's true. Tongue John Cena lent is voice for some kid's show I forgot what.

Scream,then go and make out with Kellan Lutz.
lol jk[maybe not about the make out part xD) I'd support him.
Really i never knew that and lol

wwyd if the undertaker came to your house
I'd scream,then idk...
WWYD if the undertaker came to YOUR house?
be like wow your really here cause i like the undertaker but my cousin doesnt and be like please dont choke me

wwyd if ric flair came back to wrestle for wwe again
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