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Full Version: What would you do?
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Punch them. Tongue But alot of people like it Smile
WWYD if Miley Cyrus died?
Big Grin
Sorry, but I really don't like her. Thats just my opinion though.

WWYD if you ran out of food?
go buy more

wwyd if you got accepted to the national junior leaders conference?
Be like "I'm not nerd!" Idk. Tongue
WWYD if your  favorite show stopped airing?
be mad

wwyd if you had to move
Be sad. I wanted to move not too long ago, but I'm very happy in this house.

WWYD if Bella didn't survive in Twilight the movie, but she did in Twilight the book?
I'd be like 'YES!,now I can kiss Rob!' lol
WWYD if you had to move half way around the world?
be sad to leave my family and friends

wwyd if you had to choose between your friends and something for school
Depends on which friends we're talking about.
I have a lot of friends, but several close friends.

WWYD if Taylor Lautner died?
I'd be like 'NOOO, the hottest guy died!' The  I'd move on to Kellan xD I got backups Wink
WWYD if Twilight never existed?
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