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Full Version: What would you do?
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want sims 3 NOW!!!!!! and i would probably go crazy

wwyd if i said lopokahunkaopka
I'd be like 'Is that a word?'
WWYD if Metro Station played in your backyard.
I would be all "ookkaayy.... o_0"

WWYD if you never had to go to school ever again?
Be extremely happy, but be bored, eventually. {rolleyes}

WWYD if your house was on fire?
Prob run into it,thanks to my clumsiness XD
WWYD if they stopped making Twilight movies?
ahhhhhhhhhhhh be mad cause i havent even seen the first one yet

wwyd if your parents car turned into a big type alien thing like transformers
I'd be like 'Sweet!'
WWYD if you had sextuplets?
be freaked out cause im 13

WWYD if your house was upside down
I meant when your married Tongue
Fall down.
WWYD if you had to camp out for a week?
oh i will still be surprised and go crazy
be bored and happy cause i never been camping but i want to]

WWYD if you found out that you had powers
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