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Full Version: What would you do?
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I would say "Awesome"

WWYD if you turned into a vampire overnight?
be happy and go hunting

wwyd if you turned into a werewolf overnight
Freak Tongue

WWYD if you met your favorite author?
Be like 'Omg you let them ruin the movie like that?' [Haha Stephiene Meyer]
WWYD if you had a neighbor who wouldn't stop bothering you?
I already have one. I just ignore them.

WWYD if your neighbors just run their cars at night and its REALLY loud?
im already there

wwyd if you got stuck in an airport on christmas
Sleep at the hotel.
WWYD you if your parents forced you to sing Christmas Carols over the neighborhood?


Refuse and hide.  {blush}

WWYD if you were stalked by a creepy skeleton in a park at night?
Run and Hide as well >.> Then smash it.
WWYD if your parents bought you a tacky sweater?


Wear it when I visit them, I think.  Big Grin But they KNOW I would prefer clothes that made me invisible.

What would you do if your parents bought you an ITCHY sweater?  Tongue
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