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Full Version: What would you do?
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Tell them it's too damn itchy, I ain't wearing it.

WWYD if you got a 50 dollar VISA gift card for christmas?
Spend it on stuff, or save it for the sims 3. Depends on what else I get for xmas lol.

WWYD if you had to go back and say hello to your teachers?


I would't do it. I haven't been in school for many years.  {blink}

WWYD if you had to be Santa this year, and everybody wanted you to come through the chimney?
Not do it >.> I'm not dieing.
WWYD if there was no white Christmas?
Be like, meh
Its not uncommon here, Lol.

WWYD if Santa didn't come D:
Make 'Have you seen this man' flyers {lol}
WWYD if Santa didn't come?


He came, but if he didn't I would have opened the presents anyway.

WWYD if you got 100 of your currency in coins as a christmas present, and you saw poor and starving children outside your house singing christmas carols?
Give them away. I wouldn't mind giving away money,after all it's just my money not my soul.
WWYD if you saw a stray out on Christmas Day?


Give food and call the police.

WWYD if you heard a scream from a spooky house?
I've heard voices around my house Tongue
Run and scream
WWYd if you had to watch HM nonstop?
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