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Full Version: What would you do?
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say hi to random people and drive them madeĀ  8)


wwyd if you were really ron and were a wizard
id tell my ghost friends to say hi to random people and drive them mad


wwyd if i were dead


I would let Grimmy resurrect you.

Wwyd if I showed up in your Sims game?
give you a cat.

Btw Ron, you're playing this game wrong. See how Cororon and Hermione and me play? You answer the question then give one.

WWYD if you were homeless?


find a nice box to live in

wwyd if you didnt know how to count

WWYD if you found out you'd been Punk'd


i have no idea

wwyd if you were on set of hp
Go on an 'inconspicuous' search for Rupert on set. If I couldn't find Rupert, probably I'd look for Tom or Emma. Or Bonnie. Or Evanna. You catch my drift.

WYYD if you found out the date of your death tomorrow?
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