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Full Version: What would you do?
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I would die
WWYD if you had to live on top of a mountain?
It would be pretty cool
WWYD if you had to eat 20 hamburgers in an hour
Throw up
WWYD if you fell into a tank full of sharks?
I would get eaten.
WWYD if you had to wrestle a bear?
WWYD if you ran into a Cougar on a trail?
Scream and run
WWYD if you died now
WWYD if you had to drive to 72 West 56th Street Indianapolis, Indiana, USA before 8am?
I would try to do it real quick. Who's address is that? XD
WWYD if you had to clean your house on your own
LOL it was an adress on Eagle Eye...
My house isn't that messy so I wouldn't do it...
You didn't say one
WWYD if a stranger shouted at you?
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