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Full Version: What would you do?
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Freak out.  {freaked} HOW DARE YOU YELL AT ME.
WWYD if some stranger came up to you and randomly licked your shoe?
I would laugh hysterically
WWYD if a girl you don't know randomly kissed you
TBH I'd be a little scared.
WWYD if you fell off a bridge?
I would be like "WOOO" that is until I hit the ground/water.
WWYD if your teacher slapped you
Slap them back  {evilglare} Don't mess wit me biatch!
WWYD if it found you?
Wow xD
If what found me o.o
WWYD if I didn't put a WWYD?
And yeahh, I don't know what 'it' is either...
WWYD if Seinfeld was on TV?
I wouldn't care
WWYD if someone from SF called you?
I would be very surprised!
actually that would`t happen because I havn`t put my number here so... LOL

WWYD if there was a tsunami coming your way?
Probably die because it's flat here... and I wouldn't be able to get to higher ground
WWYD if a space ship beamed up your school?
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